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AK Rear Sight Mount


AK Rear Sight Mount

Item number: 10517406000
Color: Black

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Claw Gear‘s modular firearms accessories products are designed to increase weapon performance and accuracy. Due to it‘s outstanding materials construction, this rugged and high quality Austrian made item will serve you in any combat situation.

The nine slot Picatinny rail allows the user to upgrade his AK rifle with various aiming devices or accessories.

Adjustment Screws
Adjust the angle of the mount to align it with the point of bullet impact.

Shaped Contour
The design fits to the curve on the receiver cover and even allows to dissable the rifle without dismounting the AK RSM.

Emergency Sight
Even with an optical device mounted the sight can be used as a backup.

Compatibility: AK-47, AKM, RPK, AK-74 and all variants with the original Mauser-type adjustable rear sight. Not compatible with SKS rifles.

Installation: Dismount the existing rear sight and leaf spring. Put the AK RSM into the guidance on the rear sight base and align both holes. Punch the included roll pin into the bore so it is flush with both sides. Insert the big set screw on top into the middle thread on the rail and tighten it until the emergency sight aims to the point of impact. Finally insert both small set screws into the forward threads and tighten them stoutly. Warning: Torque for setscrew max. 3 NM

Features & Details

Rail system:
Picatinny Rail

Dimensions and weight

11.1 cm
Length packed:
12.3 cm
1.9 cm
Width packed:
6.3 cm
2.1 cm
Height packed:
6.2 cm
0.056 kg
Weight packed:
0.113 kg


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